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¿I need to have a hosting CREATOR OF LANDING PAGE ONLINE?
No, you do not need a hosting since LANDINGPLAY handles give a private address only for you online.
¿You publish my Landing Page?
No, we do not publish Landing Page, you must publish it on their own, for example in a folder in the hosting of your website.
¿As it publishes a Landing Page?
With our online creator you can export your Landing Page in a ZIP or RAR file. Then you upload your Landing Page FTP (program to upload files to the hosting) to your hosting and ready, and will be operating.
¿I can make a backup of my Landing Page?
Yes, you can export a project file that allows you to re-import your Landing Page whenever you want.
¿Things that I can change the Landing Page Templates?
You can change everything, text, colors, pictures, forms, buttons, icons, links and more.
¿I can create inner pages in my Landing Pages?
Yes, you can create all inside pages you want and even can put links between internal pages.
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