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LANDINGPLAY is an online program to create beautiful Landing Page in minutes.
¿What is a Landing Page?
A Landing Page is also known in Spanish as “Landing Page”. The landing page are smaller sites and are usually composed of a single section or page. The Landing Page are perfect for use as a landing page where we went to a prospect. This demonstrated that users buy 70% more on a Landing Page, as it is created only with information about a specific product or service where the prospective client can know all the features and benefits of what they are buying without distractions.
¿Landing Page How many can I create?
You can create all you want Landing Page. Moreover, it is recommended to have a landing page for each product or service separately.
¿It is true that give me 25 Landing Page Templates?
Yes, you will gift 25 Landing Page Templates to use again and again and all projects and designs totally free.
¿What is the price for having my own creator Online Landing Page?
We have the lowest prices. You can see the prices by currency: PRICES IN DOLLARPRICES IN EUROSPRICES IN ARGENTINE PESOS.
¿What forms of payment do you have?
We have different payment methods. You can pay in dollars or euros with all credit cards through Paypal or you can pay in pesos per MercadoPago Argentina. See other payment info@landingplay.com.
¿What if my plan expires and I have not renewed?
Absolutely nothing, just access to your Landing Page Creator software will be canceled online.
If they beat my plan are you still working my Landing Page created?
Of course, all the Landing Page that you think will continue to function for life.
¿You need to know programming?
No, you do not need to know programming because LANDINGPLAY is software or online program for creating Landing Pages without touching a line of code.
¿They provide technical support or help?
Yes, hiring a plan LANDINGPLAY number them with technical support 24 hours 365 days a year by email.
¿You designed my Landing Page?
No, we do not design your Landing Page. We offer the software online for you to create your own landing pages in minutes.
¿I need to use WordPress LANDINGPLAY?
No, our software maker Landing Pages work independently.
¿LANDINGPLAY includes updates and upgrades?
If, when you hire any of our plans, you are entitled to all updates and upgrades free of charge.
¿They launched new elements and templates for LANDINGPLAY?
If constantly and future launched and include new elements and templates for you to have more designs to create your Landing Page. And you get all this free for being part of LANDINGPLAY.
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